The workshop is led by qualified circus staff from the Circus school in Auxerre who introduce activities such as Fil d’Ariane, Art du clown, Jonglerie, Diabolo, Bâton du diable, Vola bola, Mono cycle, Portées acrobatiques, Pyramide humaine, Acrobatie sol, trampoline, Equilibre, Grosse boule et Trapèze.

All instructions are given in French, with elements translated for health and safety.

There is an additional cost for this activity.

‘The circus was fun and entertaining. Some of the activities were very challenging but I soon picked it up. I found that the balancing on a wooden board which was placed on a ball was really fun to try. I also enjoyed the tight rope walking because it made me concentrate. The trapeze was the best though and it was really fun trying all the positions.’

Sasha, pupil at North London Collegiate School

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