School feedback

Impeccable ! What a place, what staff and what a fine time we have had ! It has been very clear watching our boys just how much they have got out of their time here and how much they have enjoyed themselves. You have been good to them, good for them and good with them.

Christophe Mullings, Fulham Prep

Dear MCF,
 I would like to thank you all,  (a special mention to Elodie). My son  Luke Barry Twickenham Prep has just returned from MCF, he has had a  fantastic week with you all.  Many thanks for making his stay at  Maison Claire Fontaine such a memorable and unforgettable one.  He  enjoyed every activity enormously-kayaking, circus, sculpting, cooking, the excursions  to name just a few. He's even asked if he could have  escargot next week for tea-so the food was equally delicious.  Its the  longest time he's ever spent away from home, yet he felt very  comfortable at MCF.  You really are a great team and do a wonderful  job!  A big thanks too to Brian the coach driver whom accompanied them on 
every activity. 

Mia Barry , Parent from Twickenham Prep School

Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort you have put in  during our stay at MCF. The lesson content was top quality. So much so, the pupils have presented (in French) to the rest of the school in our Headmaster`s assembly things they have done in MCF. With hardly any help from the teachers, they spent a week putting themselves in market group, meal table and managed to write about things they have done in MCF. I am still amazed that they retained all the vocab they have picked up and they are now less reluctant to use their target language. 

Maimouna Cisse from Papplewick School

It has been wonderful to see the students really come out of themselves and grow in confidence over the week . We have really enjoyed our stay and I for one am already looking forward to our return trip next year  - à la prochaine !

Vikki Knight, Twycross School

We received a very warm welcome, which set the tone for the rest of our stay at Maison Claire Fontaine.  Our pupils threw themselves into every activity and relished the French cuisine, even the snails!  The enthusiastic French teachers taught vocabulary and phrases that were used in the activities and trips off site, which was very impressive and allowed the children to see the relevance and fun that can be had from learning French.  I highly recommend MCF.  It is well worth the journey. Overall, it was a memorable experience and our current Year 6 eagerly await their time at MCF in 2012.

Jane Bradbury, Sandroyd school

With very best wishes & also a VERY BIG THANK YOU for giving Molly & her year group a FABULOUS trip to France.  Memories & experiences that will remain with them & set them up for life.

Louise, parent from Westbourne House School

The French lessons were GREAT in cosy French classrooms.

Charlie, Pupil at Merchant Taylors School

It is times and days like these that you truly get to experience friendship and enjoyment together. 

Prinay, Pupil at Merchant Taylors School

What a fun week we have had ! The girls have had the time of their lives at MCF , and the experiences they have had have no doubt exceeded their expectations. As for the staff, we have been treated like kings (or queens ?) and can’t wait to return next year to enjoy your generous hospitality once more.  

Xaviere Harvey, Bruton School for Girls

Well .... many thanks for yet another fantastic stay at MCF. The boys all enjoyed the excellent range of activities - from mosaic to marché, parc aventure to ping pong. Elodie, Colin and Cecile were fab in inspiring the boys with their language lessons whilst Josh was like a cool big brother and a great role model ! David as usual cooked up a storm and Malcolm and Steve were the best coach drivers we could hope for ! And all of this in unbroken sunshine and 20 degrees for a week. We'll definitely be back - save us a space !  

Kelly, Geoff and Assunta, Bedford Preparatory School

On s’est bien amusé comme d’habitude et nous avons profité des excellents cours de Français. Une bienvenue chaleureuse, des sourires, aucune soupire (sauf quand on vous laisse ici en Bourgogne !). Merci pour tout. 

Des profs et élèves de Westbourne House

I had the most wonderful time at MCF. It was the best school trip ever ! When I first arrived, everybody was so welcoming and kind, which made me feel right at home. In fact, the whole week , I didn’t miss my family at all, because I was having so much fun !

Lauren, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

My fourth school trip to France – and easily the best !

Jane Bull, Thetford Grammar School

The staff, the surroundings, the food , the activities, everything was fantastic and our group of 80+ girls thoroughly enjoyed their week in Burgundy. They learnt how to live in a group, improved and practiced their French and gained tons of confidence in the trees and on the water. À l’année prochaine ! 

Yolande Rabet + Co., Channing School, London

My time at Maison Claire Fontaine was memorable. The dorms were cosy and warm, my blanket was comfy and the sheets were fresh and crisp on the first night, I slept so well. Clean, hot showers to wake me up every morning. Breakfast was delicious, crispy bread and golden cereal with a choice of jam or chocolate spread. Lunch was bliss and dinner you wouldn’t want to miss !

Dorothy, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

Our 11th visit and our best one yet ! We particularly appreciated the way you made us teachers feel so at home. 

Charles Phillips, Lockers Park

Merci beaucoup , Alex et Mark, pour un accueil des plus chaleureux , et votre générosité sans pareil. Les élèves se sont très bien amusés, et nous espérons vous voir de nouveau l’année prochaine. Nous attendons notre visite avec impatience ! Merci bien.

Sylvie Marshall Twickenham Prep School

Merci beaucoup for a wonderful week ! The lessons, the activities in and out of the Maison were great ; not to forget the food and the great staff ! 

Raphaël Maringue, Thetford Grammar School

The location of this place is unbelievable; one  of the best views I’ve seen.

Jack, Pupil at Merchant Taylors School

What a wonderful experience for staff and students alike ! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here. The students have bonded well, worked effectively and amicably in groups and have thrown themselves enthusiastically into all the activities offered. The teaching has been excellent as was the cuisine. Staff  have been patient, kind , welcoming and encouraging. We look forward to many more visits.

Jacqueline Lewis-Gorman, Stamford Endowed Schools

Many thanks for a great experience. Looking forward to our next project ‘chez MCF’ !

Andy Durling , Thetford Grammar School

I have enjoyed France more than I thought I would.

Elliott, Pupil at Merchant Taylors School

We would like to thank you for a wonderful week at Maison Claire Fontaine. Our students have had a wonderful stay peppered with laughter, lots of fun and building a sense of camaraderie. 

Liz Hayward, Jan Hampson and Stephane Talleux, Old Palace of John Whitgift School

As a non-teacher I have been very impressed with the set up, and only wish it had been running when I was a student. Had a fab, relaxing time in the beautiful rolling French countryside. 

Rob Knight, Twycross School

Dear Alex and Mark, Thank you to you and your excellent team for a wonderful week. The boys have had a fantastic time, grown up a lot (I think !) and have learnt a lot of French.  Merci to David - très bons repas comme toujours. You have made us feel very welcome and we are looking forward to coming back next year.    

Sophie Stones, Seb Stones, Jon Harahap, Tom O’Brien, Arnold House School

Thanks a million to the entire team for your incredible work and enthusiasm ! The boys and staff have all had an amazing week and the boys have spoken and learnt a huge amount of French. À l’année prochaine !

Michelle Doling, Papplewick School

Merci beaucoup pour tout. L’accueil est fantastique et c’est toujours un plaisir de venir ici. À la prochaine.

Julie Llorca, Lochinver House Preparatory School

The chef served up some excellent food.

Suraaj, Pupil at Merchant Taylors School

We had parents’ evening for the 4th formers  last week and both parents and pupils were still talking of the trip ! Thank you very much for all your dedication and your kindness.

Frederick Vignal, Merchant Taylors School

I also want to thank David, for his wonderful cooking – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I really loved my experience at Maison Claire Fontaine and how you made the dorms so homely. I wish I could come back next year ! Thank you Maison Claire Fontaine.

Lindsey, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

I greatly enjoyed my stay in Maison Claire Fontaine, and will always remember it. I loved everything about it. I thought the domritories and the bunk beds were wonderful, the food was delicious, the ping-pong, table football and swings were amazing fun and really added something to my stay, and I even loved the showers ! 

Vanina, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

David’s cooking skills are excellent ! The meals every day were delicious. Some meals even better than my Mum !

Emily, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

I went to France not being very good at French, but I came away feeling almost fluent at the language. Without Elodie, I would not have enjoyed and learnt as much French as I have. We also played some games with her which required us to speak French which were all very exciting.

Emily, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

The French lessons were a lot of fun and I particularly enjoyed the games we played in them and I was surprised that I was able to order something from a French market.

Daniella, North London Collegiate School

Thank you so much for a fantastic week at Maison Claire Fontaine. We have created some amazing memories with you that we will never forget. You made some amazing lessons that we loved.  

All of Aberdour years 7 and 8

I have been so excited about this trip for such a long time - it's unbelievable to think it's all over ! Our week here exceeded our expectations in so many ways. The organisation was so excellent, the activities were pitched perfectly and the kids had a truly outstanding experience. Our staff had a throroughly enjoyable time and are wondering why we have to go back so soon ! I absolutely cannot wait to come back here next year and do this all again ! A bientôt !    

Sogol Mahvelati, Fielding Primary School

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