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This will enable us to more accurately provide you with a quote and to then progress it from that enquiry to a confirmed booking. Naturally if you are new to us there may be questions that you would like to ask prior to completing this form. We would be very happy to talk to you about your requirements before you complete this form.

A successful trip is based on very close collaboration between us and we will do all we can to encourage and facilitate that closeness at all times. Please feel free to call or email us at any time.

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This section is designed to give us an outline of your proposed trip numbers and activities so we can provide you with an outline quotation. Please select the activities and options that you would like to see included in the trip to us. Indicative pupil numbers are particularly important to us to allow for an accurate coach price to be given since this is the largest per head variable cost.

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Although for administrative ease you will deal with the same staff at all times, your trip is organised by...

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