Trip preparation


Once you have received your proposed timetable, please confirm as soon as possible that you are in agreement with the activities and excursions or let us know of any changes you would like to make.

We do try to establish the timetable and make bookings with external providers as early as possible to minimise problems. On the occasions when we do have to make changes we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss it with you.

There are also times when we have to make alterations to the schedule whilst you are with us due to poor weather or other reasons beyond our control. When this is necessary one of the company directors or the onsite manager will always discuss this with you before any final decisions are made. We have a variety of ‘wet weather’ alternatives on the rare occasions when they become necessary ! 

Information for Parents

It is the duty of the school to notify parents giving details of all the activities scheduled on your trip and to obtain parental consent. If you have any queries about this or would like any information to add to a powerpoint presentation or handout to parents, please let us know.

Medical form

All parents must complete an MCF or school equivalent medical form. It is essential that the information on this form is as accurate as possible, including the details of any dietary requirements. Copies of the forms must be made available to our centre manager on arrival.

Medical form Download Word version Download PDF version

Canoë-Kayak and Tree Adventure

If your pupils are taking part in either of these activities it is essential that parents complete consent forms. For tree adventure it is also essential that parents read the information provided by the tree-adventure company about the activity. Copies of these forms must be given to our centre manager on arrival.

Canoe-Kayak Consent Download Word version Download PDF version
Tree adventure information Download Word version Download PDF version
Tree adventure consent Download Word version Download PDF version

Please print out and give copies of the MCF rules and the suggested packing list to all pupils, which you will find at the end of this document. We have also included some suggestions for research work that could be set in preparation for the trip. If you do choose to do these activities, we would be really interested in seeing some of the work that is produced and are always keen to have new material for our displays.   

Information for Pupils

It would be a great help to us if you can print out, give out and go through the MCF rules and the packing list with pupils prior to your visit. We have also provided some suggestions for activities and links to useful websites in the Resources section of this website. Any resulting work that could be used for displays at MCF would be greatly appreciated.

MCF rules English Download Word version Download PDF version
MCF rules French Download Word version Download PDF version
Packing list Download Word version Download PDF version

Information for MCF

We ask that you complete and send us a completed Information Spreadsheet at least 2 weeks before your arrival. The spreadsheet asks you for staff details, your aims for the week, lesson requirements, dormitory lists, teaching group lists, dietary requirements and any specific medical issues that we need to know about in advance. The accuracy of this information is really important to us but if you have any problems at all in entering data or using the spreadsheet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Information Spreadsheet

Travel Details

If you are using Motts coaches for the complete trip we will provide you with full details of drivers and timings at least 4 weeks before your visit.

If you are making your own bookings for the train or flights as part of your travel arrangements then please let us know your timings as soon as possible to enable us to liaise with the coach company for pick up and drop off times.

Other things to remember...

Please ensure that all pupils have an (in date !) EHIC card,  passport and any necessary visas for travelling to France.


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