Tree Adventure

Qualified instructors lead pupils through a safety briefing before monitoring a practice run.

This must be completed successfully and safely in order for permission to be given to move on to green, yellow or blue courses (with increasing levels of difficulty).

Pupils who complete the blue course with confidence and care will then be able to take on the challenge of the red run. More information can be found on the local website

All pupils must have a completed Tree Adventure consent form signed by parents in order to take part in this activity.

There is an additional cost for this activity.

‘For me, the highlight of the trip was the tree adventure because I had never done it before and I loved the scary but exciting heights. My favourite part was the enormous zip wire at the end of the blue level.’

Arielle Lande , Pupil at North London Collegiate School

‘I think the main highlight of the trip was the Tree Adventure. I loved how once you finished a level, you felt really proud of yourself. It really was superb.’

Sarah, Pupil at North London Collegiate School

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