Placed centrally in Burgundy, the now quiet fortified market town of Avallon has been important strategically throughout history and is just 5 minutes coach drive from the Meluzien site or 20 minutes from Lac Sauvin. Previously known as ‘Aballo’ (apple) during the Celtic period, Avallon was, as it is today, a very beautiful and interesting stop over for tourists and travellers.

We have a variety of activities based in Avallon that can be tailored to the age, ability and particular requirements of any school group. We enjoy a good relationship with local shopkeepers, café owners and the Avallon tourist office which enables us to set a variety of interesting tasks to encourage pupils to speak French.  In addition, the local architecture and history of the town can be explored using our Avallon investigation. This visit can be combined with shopping in the town and a visit to the local Auchan supermarket for gifts to take home. More information can be found at the tourist office website - http://www.avallon-morvan.com/.


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