Dijon has a rich history dating back to Roman times. It was at the crossroads of many trade routes, notably pewter, tin, amber and exotic spices. It became capital of the Kingdom of Burgundy as early as the 5th century but the days of glory arrived in the 14th century when the Dukes of Burgundy held court there, turning it into one of the most important towns in medieval Europe.

The pedestrian medieval streets make this an easy town to walk around, giving you a real sense of the history within the fabulous architecture. From the Palace of the Dukes and States-General of Burgundy to the Parliament district and the area around the church of Notre Dame, there are plenty of opportunities to admire the rich and elegant town houses that bear testimony to the town’s illustrious heritage.  The Quartier Jean Jacques Rousseau is particular famed for it’s avant-garde antique shops, galleries and decoration shops. Maison Millière is one of the oldest medieval buildings in Rue de la Chouette and was used in the film Cyrano de Bergerac.

Journey time is about 75 minutes from Méluzien and just over 90 minutes from Lac Sauvin.

More information can be found at the office du tourisme website - http://www.visitdijon.com.


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