Burgundy is a particularly gastronomic region and during a trip to us this is reflected in some of the foods that we serve but also in the exposure to local markets and producers that comes as a result of some of the external activities.

We have two dining areas – one outside under an awning which we use as often as possible and one interior dining room for when the weather is particularly inclement (which is very rare here).

It is essential that all our visitors eat well to support the highly active and energetic week that they will have with us. As a result we focus on providing healthy nutritional food that will encourage good eating. Two full three course meals are served each day for lunch and dinner along with a continental style breakfast.

We also understand that some of our visitors have special dietary needs and our chef David has a great deal of experience in catering for many diverse requirements such as for visitors with particular medical food allergies and also for those whose diets are defined by religious beliefs. We prepare meals to the highest French public hygiene standards and will ensure the health and well being of all our guests in this regard at all times.

‘I have to admit that I was worried that the food wouldn’t be nice because on previous school trips it wasn’t great, and that’s all I’m going to say ! But the food here was delicious and I liked how there was a different meal at every meal time.’

Ashlin, pupil at North London Collegiate School

‘The chef has served up some excellent food.’

Sunaaj, pupil at Merchant Taylors School

‘Merci David pour les repas délicieux que vous avez préparés pour nous. Je n’ai jamais mangé si bien en France dans ma vie !’

Craig Neville, teacher at Lochinver House Preparatory School    

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