Puzzle Leaderboard

Puzzle Leaderboard

For one of our evening activities  pupils are asked to complete a puzzle of France in the quickest possible time. The fastest times are recorded on our PUZZLE LEADERBOARD.

In 2014 we saw some amazing puzzling skills with 2 schools beating the previous all time best time from Bedford prep school of 27 minutes and 10 seconds.

The Bruton school team of Lucy, Freya and Eloise posted an incredible time of 25 minutes exactly but even this was not enough to beat Sally, Alysia and Emily from Churchers school who completed the task in 21 minutes and 55 seconds -incroyable !






Sally, Alysia et Emily

21 minutes 55 secondes

Bruton School

Lucy, Freya et Eloise

25 minutes

Merchant Taylors

Jacob, Ben, Marcus, Oliver

28 minutes 17 secondes

Channing School

Bea, Leila et Hannah

28 minutes 05 secondes

Twickenham Prep

Kaziah, Holly et Sara

28 minutes 10 secondes

Lochinver House


28 minutes 10 secondes

Thetford Grammar School

Matt, Thomas et Joe

29 minutes 55 secondes

Churchers College

Isaac et Max

29 minutes 14 secondes

North London Collegiate


29 minutes 30 secondes

Sydenham High

Phoebe, Emily et Eva

30 minutes 50 secondes

St Anselms

Emily, Gabriella, Marie et Grace

31 minutes 24 secondes

Westbourne House

Olivia, Georgina et Mariella

31 minutes 52 secondes


Matthew et Charlie

32 minutes 12 secondes


Megan et Beth

32 minutes 32 secondes


Amish, Dara et Tom

33 minutes 39 secondes

Arnold House

Noah, George et Louis

36 minutes 20 secondes

Falcons Prep

William, Aaron et Harry

35 minutes 21 secondes


Abi, Amina et Georgie

35 minutes 33 secondes


Isabel, Ella et Emily

36 minutes 55 secondes

Fulham Prep

Francis, Alex et Nicholas

37 minutes 09 secondes

Holy Cross Prep

Tiger, Maddie et Inez

37 minutes 28 secondes


Marina, Kathe et Luke

38 minutes 55 secondes

Wetherby Prep

Natti, Euan, Kamyar et Olli

41 minutes

Lockers Park

Sammy, James et Elliott

42 minutes 5 secondes

Falcons Prep

Felix, Chris, Armaan et Drew

44 minutes 32 secondes


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