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Burgundy, which is one of the twenty-two regions in mainland France, covers 12,000 square miles and is larger than the entire country of Belgium, although sparsely populated with just 1,630,00 inhabitants.

The area is particularly well known for it's food and wine, but it is also steeped in history and played host to many stories from the days of the Gauls (of Asterix and Obelix fame).

As part of your preparation for your trip, see what you can find out about this area of France. Below we have listed a few suggestions for your research and some useful websites ... 

Burgundy is famous for it’s food and wine. See what you can find out about Burgundian gastronomy.

Avallon is the nearest town to Maison Claire Fontaine. What can you find out about Avallon and the Avallonais region ?

Vezelay is a beautiful town on top of a hill very close to Maison Claire Fontaine. It is a centre for Christianity. Can you find out why ?

Asterix and Obelix are popular Gauls, but can you find out about Vercingetorix who led the Gaul nation to fight Julius Caesar in the Burgundy town of Alesia. 

The 14th and 15th centuries in Europe were the high point of Burgundian architecture and a civilisation that revolved around the Dukes of Burgundy. The Order of the Golden Fleece is the symbol of this age. What is the Order of the Golden Fleece and how does it exist today ?

Meluzien is situated on the edge of the Morvan Forest, a natural park covering nearly a quarter of a million hectares. What can you find out about the history, flora and fauna of this beautiful area ?

Burgundy is rich in architecture with a variety of impressive castles. Many are ‘chateau forts’ where defence was a priority. Others reflect the renaissance period where style was important. See if you can find some examples to compare.

One tourist guide states that ‘the history of Burgundy is inextricably linked to its Geography’. What do you think it means by this ? 

Useful websites about Burgundy and the local area

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Office de tourisme de Vezelay:

Bourgogne tourisme: 

Burgundy today:


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