MCF take the safe provision of food very seriously and we are very experienced in dealing with even the most extreme of food allergies. As long as we have clear indications of any allergies in advance of a visit we are able to adapt our menus and our food preparation to take into account special dietary needs.

We often host vegetarian visitors and we are able to offer a full range of nutritional vegetarian meals for those registered as requiring this option.

We are happy to take into account any dietary constraints your child may have on the grounds of faith. Halal meat is difficult to source in rural France, but we are able to provide a vegetarian option instead. We are also very happy to cater for non pork eaters when required.

We make sure that meals are nutritional at all times and we view the enjoyment of food during a stay with us as a part of the fully immersed French experience. We ensure that meals are attractive and appealing to all so that the high energy levels required to fully enjoy the week are sustained by our meals. Following a continental breakfast where access to bread, juices and cereals are unlimited, two three course meals are served each day. There will always be a level of difference in the variety and taste of the food that we serve which is part of the experience of visiting a foreign country but at the heart of our catering is a desire to see all our visitors eat well and enjoy meal times.


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