The mainstay of our approach to the activities that we provide is safety without compromise. This is why all physical activities such as the Kayaking and the Tree Adventure are organised, led and run by experts in their field that we have fully checked for safety and are fully insured and licensed by the authorities in France to operate their activities. This means all aspects of safety are monitored by fully qualified staff of the organisations we use.

On excursions of a more gentle cultural nature our staff act as guides and local experts. We have naturally visited the destinations on many occasions and have planned and structured the trips to be as safe as possible. Members of your child’s school staff will be present on all off site trips and we support them in their role of having overall responsibility for the safety of your child.

We make sure that all safety instructions are given in both French and English. This ensures both our aims of Safety and French immersion are met. If at any time a child has a question we ensure that it is answered to their complete understanding no matter what language is required to achieve this.

If canöe-kayaking is on your son or daughter’s itinerary, please ensure they pack an extra set of clothing, ready to get wet. They will also need an extra pair of shoes that will not come of their feet, ideally old trainers or wet shoes (not flip flops or crocs).

For the summer trips, please remember to pack sun protection since the vast majority of the week is spent enjoying the beautiful outdoors of rural Burgundy and sun protection is essential.

For full details of what your son or daughter will need please refer to our suggested packing list.

Download suggested packing list

This is fine and we will always have enough adults between our staff and the visiting team of teachers to ensure we can look after anyone unable to take part in a planned activity or trip. Naturally we will try and help your child get the most from their week at all times and try to enable and encourage participation if at all possible but nothing we do is mandatory.


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