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Lockers Park School

Jul 14 - 2014  (Posted by Charles Phillips)

In case any of you parents couldn’t sort out the baby from the bathwater in yesterday’s blog, I am promising utter honesty in this one.  At least, that is the aim as I start writing.  We shall see by the end...  (Read Full Post)

Fulham Prep School

Jun 13 - 2014  (Posted by Fulham Prep School)

Mon voyage au Lac Sauvin (Read Full Post)



Bruton School for Girls

Jun 10 - 2014  (Posted by Bruton School for Girls)

Lundi (Read Full Post)

Windermere School

Apr 29 - 2014  (Posted by Windermere School)

Bonjour de la France! Year 8 are having a great time here in Burgundy. Our French is already improving and we have had lots of opportunities to practise! Activities so far have included archery, kayaking, mosaics and French cookery. Highlight so far was Oli B being dunked in the river by Mr Toogood and a little French dancing in preparation... (Read Full Post)



A beautiful day for kayaking

Sydenham High School 2014

Apr 16 - 2014  (Posted by Sydenham High School Staff and Pupils)

MCF est fantastique. Le soleil brille, les filles s’amusent bien. Nous avons visité un château, un marché, un restaurant, et des grottes. A bientôt !  LKJ (Read Full Post)


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