Our Philosophy

It is vital to us that all who visit us leave with a better understanding of both the French language and French culture and are energized and enthused for their future French language studies. We want all who come to visit us to understand and appreciate the differences and attractions of this most beautiful country and fall in love with it in some measure as we have done ourselves.

In our view no learning experience can be truly successful without three vital ingredients that we hold at the very core of our philosophy.

The first is that the education offered to our visitors is of the very highest standard backed by genuine academic and teaching excellence. Lessons, activities and all other time spent with us is planned and geared to provide constant opportunities for very real learning.

Secondly, we believe passionately in the creation of a safe and appropriate learning environment for all our visitors. This means we always take the safety and well being of our guests seriously and strive constantly to put this principal into practical effect wherever possible.

Thirdly, we believe wholeheartedly in the idea that the quality and effectiveness of learning is directly influenced and enhanced by the enjoyment and fun that pupils have whilst learning. As a result we work ceaselessly to create a total learning experience that children of all ages will enjoy and be engaged by. This generates an amazing atmosphere for us to work in and also within which our visitors learn and it is the greatest joy to us as owners and operators of MCF when we manage to achieve this.

The hard work that goes into arranging a trip by both teachers and parents is respected by us and we will always seek to support your objectives and exceed your expectations whenever possible. We well understand the trust that is placed in us when choosing MCF as a trip provider and we will always take our role seriously and deliver our services with professional pride.

We run MCF to make amazing and inspiring things happen for children who visit us for their French studies. We have a week with each school that visits us every year to make that happen. We will continue to work tirelessly on the educational quality, safety and sheer fun of what we do to ensure that the week is a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.


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